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Entertraining is a teambuilding extra. A new wind throughout the coaching and training landscape. Wave your dilemma’s goodbye, because teambuilding and training go hand in hand. In short: Entertraining = training + fun!

We give your staff members a challenging, constructive teambuilding experience. Meanwhile, a team of independent researchers with iPads and specific software will observe the behavior of teams and individuals. Based on these observations, a certified coach will design a theoretical “social learning” model with which you as a company can start working with. That way, we can combine a more relaxing teambuilding experience and a more intensive learning & development trajectory while making use of new trends. Entertraining is a 4-step process: an intake conversation, an observation, a fun teambuilding coaching and an extensive debriefing.

Entertraining is a win-win situation! Fun for the participants and educational for the entrepreneurs!

Entertraining happens in a self-chosen location. However, we will happily assist you in finding the perfect place. do you want catering, an overnight stay, seminar possibilities or other tailormade wishes? Let us know!

Above all, you can use the KMO wallet to get a 40% subsidy on an Entertraining session.

Want more info? Contact our Entertraining-department! 



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