Prepare for the World Cup with these football-inspired activities

27th of March, 2018

The World Championship is fast approaching. In June, our Red Devils will put their best foot forward in Russia.

To get you in the mood, why not give your team building a football makeover?

Event Masters offers you three football-inspired activities:

1. Quikfire

Quickfire 4

New in the Event Masters range is Quickfire. A challenging, dynamic team building where you are divided in groups of six. Goal: complete as many challenges as possible within a limited period of time. An iPad displays all different kinds of questions and the moderator decides how many points you receive for each challenge. Who scored at the World Cup of '94 against Germany? Or which women belongs to which player? Take a picture of the perfect goal, switch t-shirts fast or try a challenging trick, just like Ronaldo. These are only examples that make Quickfire a competitive and active team building.

2. Battle of the Tables

Battle of the tables

Soccer can also be integrated during a dinner event. Battle of the tables is an interactive iPad quiz that is played during dinner. A low-threshold formula that guarantees a great atmosphere during dinner. A moderator ensures the smooth running of the evening. He invites the participants for a competition between the tables. Draw, play games and answer questions in football-inspired questions and challenges. Battle of the tables has been a success formula at Event Masters for years.

3. Voetbalmoord


Do you really want to impress your guests? Do you want a team building with a high level of spectacle? Choose a murder dinner in a football stadium! Your guests are invited to follow an exclusive tour in the stadium. During the tour and the following reception, you will meet a number of remarkable guests who all have something in common: the football club. Towards the end of the reception, when the vice-president wants to start his speech, a corps is found... Clearly murdered. And apparently not long ago. Whether you want it or not, you're in the middle of an investigation and your guest are looking for the murderer.

We can organize these activities at a stadium of your choice – provided that they are available. You can also book these team-building events along with a live broadcast of the championship.

Do you support our Red Devils? 
Ask us for more information, and go, go, go Red Devils!

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