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Entertraining is a Teambuilding that offers more. By analysing the dynamics among your colleagues on the basis of a fun teambuilding activity, we can jointly assess how progress can be made. It's all about being able to truly efficiently and effectively train your people. Entertraining does away with the concept of merely doing a fun teambuilding activity together. Entertraining goes against the trend of learning without understanding why or what for. With Entertraining we truly build your team. It is a tool for HR professionals, a practical instrument for trainers and coaches, an aid for you as leader of a team or company. After you have followed an Entertraining, you will know exactly what areas to focus on to optimise your workforce. At Entertraining, Teambuilding and Training are clearly an extension of one another. Our motto: teambuilding deserves a ROI. In short: Entertraining = training + fun!

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Fun for the participants, informative for the company!

Entertraining takes the dynamics between your people as the starting point. We capture a snapshot of your team and together explore how we can improve its performance. During the teambuilding activity, via iPads we observe the behaviour, communication and relationships between the participants. These observations form the basis for a certified coach to draw up a targeted and practical learning plan for you. Agile Leadership, Team Cohesion, Ready for Change, Team Communication and Well Being are some of the topics that we can develop for you. Entertraining is a four-stage process: an intake meeting, an observation, a fun teambuilding activity with coaching and an extensive debriefing. Entertraining is suitable for small groups, but can certainly also be adapted for large teams of over 100 people! Entertraining can take place at the location of your choice. We will find a suitable venue in your area, or arrange to set up at your company.

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Did you know that, as a company, your Entertraining is eligible for a subsidy of up to 40% via the KMO Portefeuille? For its Entertraining programmes, Event Masters is certified by VLAIO as a Training Service Provider.


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