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Entertraining / Dysfunction of a team

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Play a classic game (full of childhood memories!) in a contemporary wrapping. If you think LEGO is for children, think again! And it’s not child’s play either! Participants compete in teams at a location of your choice. They have to build the highest tower (a replica of a scale model they’ve only briefly seen) or assemble structures according to their teammates’ indications by walkie-talkie. Ingredients? LEGO blocks, great communication and coordination skills.

Challenging construction test

  • A challenging construction test in which communication is central and where we use the latest 3D technology around Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  • A totem consists of 4 parts each with a matching challenge:
    • Base: Decipher the code from the base using AR.
    • Body: Build the Lego pattern of the body by using VR glasses.
    • Wings: A simple assignment, or not? Process your company logo in the wings.
    • Head: Here the team can let go of its creativity. Design yourself a brilliant head to place on top of the totem

All teams work on each of the 4 parts. The team leader of each part is always responsible for a correct briefing to the next team. In this way everyone has worked on every component. The activity ensures a strong team spirit and allows all participants to work together on one common goal. Communication is essential for all parts to fit together.

Learning outcomes:

  • Communication and consultation
  • Leadership and Decision making
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem solving and crisis communication
  • Planning and Time Management
  • Multi skills


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