Building Bridges

Entertraining / Personality Assessment

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An exciting and collaborative building project with teams working together to design and construct an impressive bridge. In this ambitious challenge, teams build a section of a bridge to their customer’s expectations and specifications. At the same time, they act as suppliers to an adjacent team. The participants have to cope with limited resources, adhere to strict contractual timelines and overcome communication barriers. Each section of the bridge needs to be structurally sound, sufficiently stable and large enough to allow a bulky, remote-controlled vehicle to cross safely. Planning, briefing and execution are thus inter woven and each team works around those various steps in the process. All the different parts must form one stable, uninterrupted bridge at the end, strong enough to safely cross a car on the remote control. A good universal planning and approach is therefore essential in this ambitious total project.

Challenging interaction test

  • A challenging construction test where role division is central and where these various roles must be coordinated.
  • A bridge consists of at least 8 components / sub teams, each with its own creative approach.
  • All teams work on each of the 8 components and are both client and customer. In this way we connect the teams to one mini-market culture and global construction.
  • The activity ensures a strong team spirit and allows all participants to work together towards one common goal. Communication is essential for all parts to fit together.

Learning outcomes ‘Building Bridges’

  • Communication and Feedback
  • Planning and Time Management
  • Creative thinking
  • Process improvement
  • Client-supplier relationship improvement
  • Multi skills


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