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Turn your offices (or event venue) into an artist’s studio and have your employees make their own work of art. Groups of five people create original paintings on empty canvases, while an artist assists them along the way. We want a work of art in which all participants find themselves. Everyone gets a say through a well thought-out communication strategy the structure of the artwork. The first 2 steps are individual (sketchbook, synthesis drawing) and the last 2 steps are real teamwork (team synthesis, collective painting). All ‘works of art’ are varnished and framed to adorn your office walls. A great way to approach a business theme light- heartedly. Painting Sports is an ideal way to tackle a business theme lightly, to showcase a product or service in a new, creative way to optimize the involvement of your employees with your product or company.

Collective creativity test

  • Everyone is expertly guided and encouraged to get the best out of themselves.
  • The participants must deductively define their artwork and come to the essence.
  • The activity creates a sharing of ideas and opinions and stimulates mutual appreciation for each other's talent.
  • The creativity of a team of 5 people comes together in a single work of art.

Learning outcomes:

  • Creativity
  • Appreciation of the talent of your team members
  • Mutual agreement and coming to the essence of the task
  • Affinity with the company, product, colleagues
  • Strengthen group dynamics



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