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The meeting energizer in which participants learn how to relax and empty their minds to be able to fully focus on the day or next meeting.

Game play:

During this interactive relaxation, participants learn how they can make their head completely empty and how to relax completely. When 100% charged with energy after the Focus Booster, everyone can get back to work afterwards with tons of energy and completely relaxed. There are different themes available. Each theme takes your participant on a 21 minute spiritual journey. This battery charging method is scientifically justified sound and is for example used for onboard systems in aircrafts.


At the end of the session, the participants feel fully relaxed and ready to face the rest of the day!


The interactive relaxation experience that the focus of your participants increases

✓ The facilitator will explain the activity and will prepare the people on their Focus Booster session.

✓ This is followed by some breathing tips and relaxation exercises to prepare for the session.

✓ Participants can choose from 18 different themes. By means of the public vote, they choose their theme.

✓ Participants are fully supported by the video and voice-over and then follow a relaxation session of 21 minutes.

✓ After the session everyone feels relaxed and iq ready for the rest of the meeting.

✓ The system is scientifically justified and is used worldwide.

✓ Optional we can also provide personalised eye masks to complete the experience 


Focus Booster

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