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You are invited for a relaxing afternoon by Dr. Swart, a social and wealthy docter. Once you have arrived on his domain, the day appears to be a whole lot different than you thought it would be…

Dr. Swart was murdered that morning!  He was found dead in the trunk of his car.  Inspector De Bruyn  introduces you to the “friends” of Dr. Swart who were all present on the domain that morning. And quickly questions start to rise….

What was Colonel Mustard doing in the dining room that morning?  Why has Miss Peacock bought the deadly herb Belladonna?  Where gets Mrs. White all of her money from?  Who is the lovely Miss Scarlet?  What was Professor Plum doing with the English key?  And why is Reverend Green always in the wine cellar?

Who are these peculiar guests with these strange names?

Cluedo, the famous detective game will be played live for you.  Who is the murderer, which weapon did he use and where did the terrible crime take place?
It’s up to you to solve the mystery!

This event is a combination of brain-teasers and active tests, which lead to the solution of a mysterious murder.

Cluedo, the world know game of Hasbro, may exclusively be played with live characters bij Murder Inc!

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