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Event Masters - Teambuilding - Evening Event - Dinner Event - Gambliso
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Evening Event - Dinner Event - Gambliso
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You can’t win on your own, you need to play Gambliso in a team. There are a maximum of 10 teams, and no more than 25 members in each team. Half the team plays the tables, while the other half carries out assignments. The goal is the same for both: earning money. With starting capital of 1 billion euro you will launch into your campaign of conquest. Your strategy is flawless, your perseverance irrepressible. You borrow and invest money at the bank. You buy and sell properties and land. You build casinos and luxury hotels. And … you conquer the world.

More than just a game of chance

What do you need to play Gambliso? Good judgment and a substantial dose of entrepreneurship. And a suitable location for the 3 by 5 metres gaming table and a scoreboard. On the gaming table there are buildings of 40 cm2, faced with frontal photos, and gaming tables. The game is presided over by the actors. They are the casino director, the bank manager, the croupier, etc. An ingenious software programme keeps the score up to date. At the end of the game the money is counted. And the winner is ... the team with the most money!

It’s your move

Would you like to have a game adapted to your company? Anything’s possible, anything goes. Interbrew plays Gambliso with beer barrels in stead of casino blocks. And they deal in silos and breweries. Proximus likes to play the game with phone shops. How about you?



Key Business Benefits


  • Fun & Motivation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Stimulate Creativity
  • Competition
  • Casino with strategy

Minimum number of persons: 30

Maximum number of persons: 100

Indoor: NO

Outdoor: YES

Minimum timing: 2 hours

Maximum timing: 3hours

Staff event: YES

Client event: YES

Info & Prices

Download our info sheet of this concept to have a closer look into the program and the estimated prices.

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