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The concepts below take your guests on a memorable trip to the world of murderous intrigues, absent-minded waiters, bloodthirsty vampires, noble heirs, friendly Fathers and mysterious quests. These interactive events are a product of Murder Inc. by Event Masters.

Murder Event - The one and only original Murder Dinner

Feel like being Hercule Poirot for an evening at the one and only original and meanwhile famous murder dinner “Murder Event”?

Lord Sylvain De Vocht, a rich cheapskate, was murdered. Strangely enough, in the last days of his life, he had the weird suspicion that he was going to be murdered. That’s why he made his notary lay out a peculiar will. A talking will… The notary invites all those who have something to gain with the opening and reading of this will. Beside the guests, the legal heirs of Sylvain de Vocht appear to be present. You meet his old fashion housekeeper, his somewhat dirty business partner with his wife, his nephew (or better niece…) and many more.

While watching the will it becomes clear that De Vocht will not just divide his fortune among his heirs. Eccentric as he was, he links his inheritance to a contest. The one who traces the murderer receives his whole fortune! That’s why inspector Villard, inspector of the juridical police, will assist the notary.
During the dinner the guests slowly get a clearer image of the interrelationships in this bizarre family. The heirs point out their alibis with a lot of persuasion and especially try to accuse the other heirs. You question, you observe, you are the real Hercule Poirot!

Until suddenly… a second murder! The inspector starts a real investigation and looks for the perpetrator based on his information and the collected data of the guests.

Who is the murderer of Sylvain de Vocht? Why was a second person murdered? And what will happen to De Vocht’s fortune?? To find out, you have to be present at the opening of the will.

Already in 1990 Murder Inc created this compelling Murder Event®, a timeless format that up till today is a huge success.

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Murder She Wrote

Angela Moortgat, the famous writer of several thrilling whodunits, invites you to the exclusive presentation of her new book “Murder Inc”.

You will be received personally by the charming writer and treated wine and dine. But Angela is not alone….
Dirk Van Severen, the somewhat arrogant publisher of Angela will certainly stand out. He allways has the last word. The excentric, spiritual Ewoud Selderslaghs is the loving husband of Angela. Strangly enough. A very weird person, that cannot stop talking about his secret  “projects”.

Valerie Slegers, a pushy die-hard fan of Angela is also present. But seems not to be invited…. Nobody is happy to see her, again. But she does not take no for an answer and stays the whole evening. When Angela starts reading passages from her book, Federal Police inspector Villard barges in and cuts in on Angela. Everybody is perplexed. Why is he here? A body was found, murdered….Several clues direct to Angela! Or maybe even to all guests present?

All of a sudden, you are in the middle of a murder investigation. Who’s to blame? Who’s innocent? Who’s the killer? Nobody can be trusted, nothings is what it seems….

Be present at the next bookpresentation to find out!

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You are invited for a relaxing afternoon by Dr. Swart, a social and wealthy docter. Once you have arrived on his domain, the day appears to be a whole lot different than you thought it would be… Dr. Swart was murdered that morning!  He was found dead in the trunk of his car.  Inspector De Bruyn  introduces you to the “friends” of Dr. Swart who were all present on the domain that morning. And quickly questions start to rise…. What was Colonel Mustard doing in the dining room that morning?  Why has Miss Peacock bought the deadly herb Belladonna?  Where gets Mrs. White all of her money from?  Who is the lovely Miss Scarlet?  What was Professor Plum doing with the English key?  And why is Reverend Green always in the wine cellar?

Who are these peculiar guests with these strange names? Cluedo, the famous detective game will be played live for you.  Who is the murderer, which weapon did he use and where did the terrible crime take place?
It’s up to you to solve the mystery! This event is a combination of brain-teasers and active tests, which lead to the solution of a mysterious murder.

Cluedo, the world know game of Hasbro, may exclusively be played with live characters bij Murder Inc!

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The Maffia

Don Corleone, being the godfather of the dark 'Papalia family', invites your guest unexpectedly in his otherwise hermetically sealed domain. Who dares to shop up? Upon arrivel, your guests will be awaited by maffioso who request a password. What follows is a control and a check with a metal detector. Once everyone is present, they are welcomed by Don Corleone, his mother and his girlfriend. The godfather has a problem. Due to the many battles over the years, his clan is strongly thinned out. He is urgently looking for new suitable members for his familia. But first, he want to test whether they are wordt the name of the family and they have to some practical tests (carabine shooting, bury a treasure chest, knife throwing, wall climbing,.....).

If your guests succeed, they can join the family. When they fail, they are getting disabled. Who dares to accept the challenge? Fighting spirit is important! One learns to encourage and trust his colleagues. Cooperation and team spirit are essential to succeed. But typically Don Corleone and his compagnons, they will do everything to stimulate people to cheat. At the end of the tests, the winning team is lovingly included in the family. The other guests will never be found...

You can choose for a brief or extended version of this event, in which OMERTA is vital!

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Welcome at Château

A highly exclusive dinner with royals, in a sinister atmosphere and with an unexpected plot. You and your company arrive well ahead of time on the parking lot of the impressive castle, as requested in the invitation:

‘We, Jean-Paul de Bellancourt de Zeelhem and his household, have the pleasure and honour to invite you and your select company to our country estate for a stately dinner. We would be grateful if you could show up punctually.’

A confused butler opens the door. He seems totally unaware of a party. Are you sure you were invited today?

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Welcome at Villa Zwartgoud

You and your company arrive at the parking lot of the beautiful Villa Zwartgoud, such as the invitation asked you to. A confused butler opens the door. He knows nothing of a party. Are you sure
that you were invited on this day?

Mr Lycops seems to be an eccentric figure, who finally wants to receive your guests. After an aperitif in the hall, you go for a first court in the bedroom. The bedroom? Indeed! After which you company is headed through the villa for the following course of a delicious menu. Mr Lycops tells a quirky version of his mysterious family history. But is this not a bit too much punctuated with own poetic freedom? Who is the sweet little Eugène? 

If Walls Could Talk...

Location: this event will take place in the beautiful Villa Zwartgoud in Heusden-Zolder.

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There are strange things happening in the Gempemolen mill … Or more accurately, strange things have already happened! Willy, a local, fifth-generation miller lives together with his talkative but oh-so-helpful wife Marie-Jeanne in the centuries-old Gempemolen mill.

They hired Harry, a timid and somewhat unworldly miller’s servant, back when he was 10 years old. An unfortunate kid whose mother was murdered ...

With artisanal grains available, milling has not been earning so much lately, and so Willy gives tours of his mill and Marie-Jeanne makes delicious, homemade meals.

You’re invited to attend one of Willy’s tours.

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The Fight

Late 1920s, early 1930s

At the time of the Great Depression, Prohibition was the law of the land in America. It was the era of Al Capone and the underworld, illegal gambling and excessive alcohol consumption, and the groundbreaking Charleston dance. What a decadent era! During the same period in time, illegal boxing was exceptionally popular: the beau monde gathered at boxing matches for illegal bets. This party is organised against the background of the roaring twenties with a boxing gala where your guests can place their bets.

During the aperitif, the bookmakers hand out money. During the appetizer the presentation of the boxers and their coaches starts. The following are the bids.  The long-awaited “fight of the night” starts after the main course. Your guest can expect an unique evening, that can be adapted according your wishes and with various extras (casino, accessories, personalized notes,…)

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Murder on the football field


You receive an invitation for an exclusive tour in the football stadium. You enter places that are normally not accessible to the public. As icing on the cake, you will receive a meet&greet with the trainer and the Vice-President of the club during an exclusive dinner.

Who wouldn't say 'yes' to that!

During the tour, by an experienced guide, and the subsequent reception you will come in contact with a number of notable guests who all have something to do with the club. By the end of the reception, when the vice President want to start his speech wanted to start, a corpse is found. Clearly murdered. And apparently only just now ... Everyone is a suspect! Whether you like it or not, you're in the middle of an investigation of a mysterious murder. To know who is the victim and who is the killer, you better come and see for yourself. Who dares?

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Murder Event

Murder Inc. by Event Masters

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