The Maffia

Teambuilding / Conference Ice breaker

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Don Corleone, being the godfather of the dark 'Papalia family', invites your guest unexpectedly in his otherwise hermetically sealed domain. Who dares to shop up?

Upon arrivel, your guests will be awaited by maffioso who request a password. What follows is a control and a check with a metal detector. Once everyone is present, they are welcomed by Don Corleone, his mother and his girlfriend.

The godfather has a problem. Due to the many battles over the years, his clan is strongly thinned out. He is urgently looking for new suitable members for his familia.

But first, he want to test whether they are wordt the name of the family and they have to some practical tests (carabine shooting, bury a treasure chest, knife throwing, wall climbing,.....).

If your guests succeed, they can join the family. When they fail, they are getting disabled. Who dares to accept the challenge? Fighting spirit is important! One learns to encourage and trust his colleagues. Cooperation and team spirit are essential to succeed. But typically Don Corleone and his compagnons, they will do everything to stimulate people to cheat. At the end of the tests, the winning team is lovingly included in the family. The other guests will never be found...

You can choose for a brief or extended version of this event, in which OMERTA is vital!

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