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Event Masters - Teambuilding - Dinner Concept - Murder Event
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Dinner Concept - Murder Event
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The one and only original Murder Dinner

Feel like being Hercule Poirot for an evening at the one and only original and meanwhile famous murder dinner “Murder Event”?

Lord Sylvain De Vocht, a rich cheapskate, was murdered. Strangely enough, in the last days of his life, he had the weird suspicion that he was going to be murdered. That’s why he made his notary lay out a peculiar will. A talking will…
The notary invites all those who have something to gain with the opening and reading of this will.

Beside the guests, the legal heirs of Sylvain de Vocht appear to be present. You meet his old fashion housekeeper, his somewhat dirty business partner with his wife, his nephew (or better niece…) and many more.

While watching the will it becomes clear that De Vocht will not just divide his fortune among his heirs. Eccentric as he was, he links his inheritance to a contest. The one who traces the murderer receives his whole fortune! That’s why inspector Villard, inspector of the juridical police, will assist the notary.
During the dinner the guests slowly get a clearer image of the interrelationships in this bizarre family. The heirs point out their alibis with a lot of persuasion and especially try to accuse the other heirs. You question, you observe, you are the real Hercule Poirot!

Until suddenly… a second murder! The inspector starts a real investigation and looks for the perpetrator based on his information and the collected data of the guests.


Who is the murderer of Sylvain de Vocht? Why was a second person murdered? And what will happen to De Vocht’s fortune??

To find out, you have to be present at the opening of the will.


Already in 1990 Murder Inc created this compelling Murder Event®, a timeless format that up till today is a huge success.



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