CSI Whodunit

Teambuilding / Conference Ice breaker

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Welcome to the stylish hotel, take a seat and have a drink! But hold on.. what?! The hotel owner has been murdered! On his own turf. Will you solve the mystery?

Game play:

Participants are warmly welcomed with a drink. You have barely sat down at the table when all of a sudden, it turns out that a crime has been committed right under your nose! The owner of the hotel has been killed - in a very gruesome manner.

Step into this virtual world to find clues, solve tricky puzzles and unravel the mystery.


At the end of dinner, all will be revealed. Your responses will be scored and the winning teams will receive a fitting gift. Thanks to you and your colleagues, this VR universe has become a little safer again!

  • CSI Whodunit is a Virtual Reality game where teamwork and active communication are essential.
  • Participants get 1 VR headset per team with documents. Each participant takes turns to enter the virtual world.
  • Participants need to be aware of their environment and communicate clearly when it is their turn in the virtual world. Being able to quickly identify the right information is crucial when time is short.
  • The light-hearted competition between tables stimulates involvement and creates a fun atmosphere for players to forge new bonds with colleagues.



CSI Whodunit?

VR Teambuilding

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