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Movie trailers are designed to get audiences excited about an upcoming film. They are widely distributed on the Internet, being among the top five forms of video content enjoyed by surfers. Now, you can design your own trailer!

BlockBusters challenges participants to translate your company’s business messages into dynamic, attention grabbing movie trailers. They cut through the clutter and capture the essence of the issue at hand.

In the app, you can create professional-quality movie trailers using your own videos and photos! The challenge however is to make it relevant and participants discover that this takes forethought, planning and expert execution.



Event Masters

Key Business Benefits

  • Visualizing the future
  • Encourages creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Creates enthusiasm
  • Managing deadlines
  • Offers review and reflection
  • Incredible Fun!


Info & Prices

Download our info sheet of this concept to have a closer look into the program and the estimated prices.

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