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Participants are often amazed at what they can produce from a series of bizarre collection of items. Disbelieving looks are common when the challenge is first explained.

Supplied with a game board and a set of detailed game cards, they discuss within their team and then share information and resources with other teams to develop a strategy to create the most creative series of simple machines. As participants advance into the planning and construction phase of this team building activity, they become more convinced about what they can achieve together as a group, with a true sense of common purpose. Once each simple machine is created they join them together as a team and then teams connect their series of simple machines to the next team's simple machines, creating a long chain or knock on effects. Testing and retesting them ensues, with all participants adjusting their creations to ensure that it will flow from start to finish without a hiccup!

After construction and testing is complete, triggering the reaction is full of suspense and excitement bringing everyone together in a celebration as they have worked together towards a common goal which they watch unfold before their eyes.

Learning and development outcomes

Successful teams understand the task, the cards, assess available resources, make a rough plan and then throughout construction, they appraise, and accordingly adapt and modify their initial plan. Teams work to develop a common vision, developing a shared strategy which they put into place by applying excellent project and resource management skills. Collaboration between the teams to share knowledge and resources is imperative to success and to extend the limits of creativity. In the testing stages teams learn to be persistent in the face of difficulty with an eye for detail in working towards excellence.

This team building is also available as a Teamtraining. As a plus, it is possible to receive a discount as a SME, through the KMO-Portefeuille.

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