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Event Masters - Teambuilding - Crescendo
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Crescendo
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Crescendo
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Crescendo
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Crescendo
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Crescendo
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Crescendo
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In less than one hour, your team will become a string orchestra!

Crescendo is a new adaptation of our highly popular team building program, Orchestrate. Unlike Orchestrate, Crescendo uses only one room and takes a single hour, so it's perfect for busy conferences and tight budgets!

Our unique approach generates amazing results even when participants have no previous musical experience. Our instructors assign your team members one of two classical string instruments: the violin or the viola. Then, they quickly teach them the basics of playing, and get them learning their part for our custom made composition. At the end, with the accompaniment of our bespoke backing track, the two sections will make beautiful music together.

Why Crescendo?

Many organizational teams are bogged down in the stress of day-to-day operations, where problems are exacerbated by poor communication and enjoyment can be hard to find. When a team shares a fun and creative team building experience like Crescendo, however, it can go a long way toward fixing these morale and communication issues.

Musical team building activities let teams interact in a fresh context, one that is enjoyable and creative. Fresh contexts like this can reset broken relationship dynamics. Crescendo also enables your team to conquer a seemingly impossible challenge through cooperative effort, which helps bonds to be repaired and grow.

Crescendo works equally well between conference sessions, or after dinner. It’s a budget-friendly yet elegant teambuilding activity that can happen in a single room with a minimum of disruption and a maximum of reward.

With a quality musical result guaranteed, contact us now to let your team enjoy the benefits of this incredible team building program.

Learning and development outcomes

Not many individuals can learn to play classical music in under an hour, but a team of people working in synergy can. In changing markets it is vital that team members are able to quickly adapt their skills and roles to maintain the effectiveness of the team to both act and react with optimal speed and efficiency. Crescendo achieves this and more, with participants being amazed by what they can achieve in a limited amount of time before they go live.



Key Business Benefits

  • Teambuilding
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams
  • Learning & Development
  • Stimulate Creativity
  • Challenging Experience

Minimum number of people: 10

Maximum number of people: 100

Indoor: YES

Outdoor : NO

Minimum timing: 60 min

Maximum timing: 90 min

Staff event: YES

Client event: YES

Info & Prices

Download our info sheet of this concept to have a closer look into the program and the estimated prices.

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Thank you for your interest in our concept. Please feel free to contact us for more info.
We like to work closely together with our clients in order to make the best service and find the ideal event that suits your needs.

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