Flat Out Pyramid

Teambuilding / Conference Ice breaker

Team Meeting April
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Build your own, true size pyramid

Time for action! With Flat Out Pyramid you and your team will literaly build on a collective project. In this innovative and fun team building activity, each team is supplied with equipment, tools and detailed construction plans and tasked to work together to turn a ‘flat pack kit’ into a giant pyramid. A good role division, detailed planning and a creative hands on approach in which teams help each other, will lead to a giant construction. Insight and problem solving skills are necessary when all teams come together to assemble a gigantic pyramid from each individual team’s pyramid. Once the team pyramid has been constructed, teams decorate their part as a global design which can reinforce your brand message or as a part of a big mosaic. Alternatively, bespoke stickers can be made to adorn the sections of your pyramid once combined. This team pyramid can afterwards decorate the entrance hall or a central square in your company. It stands tall as a reminder of the power of working to a common goal.

A creative craft activity as result of optimal teamwork

  • Each team is supplied with the same set of materials and instructions
  • Each member actively participates in the construction of a true size piece of art
  • A good role division and detailed planning within each team is essentialy
  • This popular team building exercise begins with a ‘me focus’, but results in ‘team focus’
  • To network, to make clear appontments and to DO are keypoints
  • A huge construction is assembled out of carton and tape
  • Your company message is instantly reinforced as it forms part of the final construction
  • FOP is about re-using materials as we work with recylced carton plates
  • CSR-idea: Flat Out Pyramid is also used as charity construction. Each donator can brand his own element of the pyramid

Key Business Benefits:

  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Brand Awareness
  • Cross Functional Cooperation
  • Problem Solving
  • Engagement

Minimum number of persons: 20
Maximum number of persons: unlimited
Indoor: YES
Outdoor: YES
Minimum timing: 2 hours
Maximum timing: 3 hours
Staff event: YES
Client event: YES

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