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Teambuilding / Conference Ice breaker

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Casa de Dinero captures the excitement and drama of the popular Netflix series Casa de Papel in a VR game. Several participants per team take on the challenge of pulling off a heist.

Game play:

Casa de Dinero captures the excitement and drama of La Casa de Papel in a VR multiplayer game where they take on the challenge of pulling off a heist. Participants 'puzzle' their way through different locations and switch headsets between stages. During their adventure, teams have to solve various problems; crack safes, defuse bombs, silence alarms and finally work their way out of their virtual world back to reality.


The safe has been cracked, but can you make a successful getaway from the security services?

  • Based on the immensely popular Netflix series, participants now have the chance to show what they're made of.
  • Participants get 1 VR headset per team with documents and passports. Successfully completing Casa de Dinero requires teams to quickly take information on board, communicate effectively and appreciate the individual skills of their colleagues.
  • Participants need to be aware of their environment and communicate clearly when it is their turn in the virtual world. Being able to quickly identify the right information is crucial when time is short.
  • The light-hearted competition between tables stimulates involvement and creates a fun atmosphere for players to forge new bonds with colleagues.

Casa de Dinero

VR Teambuilding

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