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Teambuilding - Lego - Event Masters
Teambuilding - Lego - Event Masters
Teambuilding - Lego - Event Masters
Teambuilding - Lego - Event Masters
Teambuilding - Lego - Event Masters
Teambuilding - Lego - Event Masters
Teambuilding - Lego - Event Masters
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Classic teambuilding activity in contemporary wrapping

If you think LEGO is for children, think again! And it’s not child’s play either! Participants compete in teams at a location of your choice. They have to build the highest tower (a replica of a scale model they’ve only briefly seen) or assemble structures according to their teammates’ indications by walkie-talkie. Ingredients? LEGO blocks, great communication and coordination skills. This is literally "team building" !

LEGO derives from the Danish words leg godt, literally: play good.

The makers only realised years later that the Latin word was more appropriate: put together. Putting things together, that’s what this event is all about.

The teams have to complete four construction tests with Lego bricks. Putting together the right construction within the assigned amount of time, and doing it better than the competition. We follow the 75-year-old Lego motto: only the best is good enough. We divide your employees into teams of maximum eight people. Those teams compete against each other during tests.

The competition always begins with a short briefing: what has to be built, what the stipulations are, what’s allowed and what isn’t, etc. The following 20 minutes are used for construction. Quickly and correctly.

We insert an extra difficulty: each team only gets one construction platform for the four tasks. It’s therefore essential that they think ahead. The four challenges form one whole: a totem pole, a boat, or even something custom-made for your company.

We give a handful of ideas. Naturally, we gladly develop tests that suit your wishes: Construct the contours of your new industrial building. A column of your lorries in Lego bricks.

Everything is possible in Legoland!


This team building is also available as Teamtraining. As a plus, it is possible to receive a discount as a SME, through the KMO-Portefeuille.



Four possible missions:

Mind games – foundation (feet)
We give the teams a miniature tower and a pen and paper. Can the players decipher the hidden Lego code in 30 minutes?
Then it’s up to them to build a replica as high as they can. These mind games are usually played to build the legs.

Build a replica – middle part (legs)
The Lego blocks are in one room; the scale model in another. The teams communicate by walkie-talkies. Can they build a perfect replica? Don’t underestimate this challenge!

To personalize the Lego exercise, we recreate your company logo on the Lego construction, for instance on the wings of the totem pole or the ship’s sails.

Instructions – creativity – top part (head)
No scale model, no example. Use your communication and consultation skills to build an exact replica of the tower.

Mini Lego (optional)
This is a communication challenge in different stages. From individually contemplating the theme and drawing up a complete and detailed sketch, to depicting the theme with miniature Lego blocks. You’ll be surprised how effective this activity is in terms of observation, communication and representation.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Corporate Responsability
  • Proces improvement
  • Networking
  • Strategy Communication
  • Team Dynamics
  • Personalisation

Minimum number of people: 20

Maximum number of people: 500

Indoor: YES

Outdoor: NO

Minimum timing: 30’

Maximum timing: 3h

Staff event: YES

Client event: NO

Info & Prices

Download our info sheet of this concept to have a closer look into the program and the estimated prices.

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