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Event Masters - Teambuilding - Making The News
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Making The News
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Making The News
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Making The News
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Making The News
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Making The News
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Making the News…..For two to three hours, teams literally create front page news with a teambuilding challenge that goes beyond the headlines and gets to the real story of your conference messages.

Content driven teambuilding

This fun, fast-paced and energetic teambuilding challenge takes your team out of their comfort zone and drops them into the world of newspaper publishing.

The task sounds simple. All the teams have to do is create the front page of a newspaper that reports on the day’s conference. Like a professional news team they identify the big stories and then follow cryptic tip-offs to find vital information and leads. The team’s reporters also have to hit the streets, to track down subjects to be interviewed and capture the all-important award-winning photograph, based on a set of supplied criteria.

But the teams do much more than just get the scoop. They name their newspapers, complete a number of articles, create a cartoon, design an advertisement and even write a ‘business forecast’.

Integrating Making the News into a conference strongly reinforces the key messages as each team publishes a unique and interesting interpretation of them. These are printed large scale and displayed for all to see.

Making the News not only allows delegates the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the conference content but also provides a platform to express their own views, opinions and suggestions on the business.

Following the event, the team’s papers can prove highly valuable as a feedback mechanism to evaluate how well the key messages have been absorbed, understood and interpreted.


Making The News

Why…MAKING THE NEWS? Drop your teams into the world of newspaper publishing...what a scoop!

00:00 - 00:10   INTRODUCTION

Introduction of Making the News by the Chief Editor. “The challenge today is to create front page news.” Teams are briefed on the 10 essential sections that must be completed to fill the front page. Everything from writing the lead article, getting the scoop photo,

designing a company advert, through to drawing the satirical cartoon. Before unleashing the new recruits into the cut-throat world that is the media, the chief editor prepares them

with a series of warm-ups and tools to keep them cool under pressure.

00:10 - 00:30  PLANNING PERIOD

Teams study the briefing sheet outlining the sections needing to be completed, and assign team roles accordingly. Action plans are prepared to hit key deadlines highlighted on the timeline.

00:30 - 01:00   WORKSHOPS

To assist teams with their crash course in journalism and media, a series of workshops are run. Whilst some attend a cartoon workshop, others are put through their paces on the laptops using industry standard design software.

01:00 - 01:30   ALL SYSTEMS GO

Photographers are out meeting informants and getting the scoop, astrologists are looking to the future and writing team forecasts, journalists compete at the press conference to have their questions answered, editors scan read the articles, cartoonists sketch and re-sketch. The room is alive with energy, everyone completing activities all crucial to the success of their team’s papers.


The Chief Editor piles on the pressure as the deadline approaches. Teams work frantically to input all their material onto the computer template. Final tweaks to cartoons and adverts are made and scanned in.

01:30-02:00   PRINT RUN

Teams save and export their work to their memory sticks and hand in to the print room. A cascade of cheers, followed by sighs of relief, fill the room as teams finish at slightly different times. Anticipation builds as they await the print out of their masterpieces.

Papers are printed and displayed in areas of high footfall so all can see each other’s achievements and efforts. Prizes can be awarded for different categories, eg Best Cartoon, Best Overall Paper, Best Lead Story.

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