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Fast and energetic tablet game

A room with only tablets and nothing else. The goal: to succeed challenges as much as possible. The resources that you have to use for these challenges: the available resources you can find at the shop and the hidden skills of your team members…

What kind of challenges are available? Very simpel, something for each of your team members: Creative, active or real brain teasers! Consult your colleagues en choose together the challenges you want to participate.

At the beginning, the teams will see the easy challenges, followed by the average, to end with the hard level challenges. The more its difficulty level, the more points you receive for succeeding a challenge. This teambuilding activity is all about multitasking: when colleagues are trying to solve challenge A, you can prepare another challenge! Quickfire is a dynamic activity. Sometimes it requires 100% teamwork, sometimes it required a
funny actor or somethingthe challenge need your fittest team member!.

Quickfire is an activity full of joy, strategy and teambuilding!

Prepare for the World Cup with Quickfire

New in the Event Masters range is Quickfire. A challenging, dynamic team building where you are divided in groups of six. Goal: complete as many challenges as possible within a limited period of time. An iPad displays all different kinds of questions and the moderator decides how many points you receive for each challenge. Who scored at the World Cup of '94 against Germany? Or which women belongs to which player? Take a picture of the perfect goal, switch t-shirts fast or try a challenging trick, just like Ronaldo. These are only examples that make Quickfire a competitive and active team building and the perfect preparation for the World Cup in June!

Quickfire Christmas

Anyone who’s a fan of playful activities will be a fan of Quickfire Christmas. Quickfire is a fun mix of mental, active and creative challenges. From Father Christmas himself, every team is given a heap of equipment and a tablet full of festive challenges. All challenges demand a different approach and have a different level of difficulty. Watch the Christmas spirit grow as time ticks away!



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