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Event Masters - Teambuilding - Testament
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Testament
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Testament
Event Masters - Teambuilding - Testament
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Cooperation & original challenges

We developed this activity to fuel cooperation and improve the atmosphere among team members. The guiding principle of this concept: an enigmatic story with six original challenges, suitable for men and women, young and old.

The idea is to obtain the widest possible involvement of all the team members in every challenge. The exercises are aimed at achieving joint results rather than encouraging individual performances.

Well-balanced activities

All exercises form a well-balanced whole, including soft physical activities and mental challenges. After each round, the teams can look into the results of the other ‘families’, hence allowing them to fine-tune their strategies and boost their results. There is plenty of time to exchange information and to collaborate in a friendly atmosphere.

This challenge is all about communication, creativity, involvement, cooperation, sociability, convergence and cohesion.

The publishing industry is buzzing with excitement. There’s a rush at the bookstores. Building on the success of previous best-selling books such as Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code, there’s a new book hitting the bestseller list: The testament.

There’s a lot more to this book than a fictitious story: a real will… at least for those whom are smart enough to figure it out…Everyone is showing off to get his or her slice of the cake. Considering the scope and complexity of the will, the editor decides to have the testament executed by a specialized notary.

Taking into account his experience in this domain, Harry Vist – notary of the stars of this world – is the best man for the job. As always, he immerses himself in the case.

The group is divided into X teams of X to Y participants. We suggest a number of challenges from the list below, according to a rotating system. The selection depends on your wishes, as well as the weather conditions. In case of rain, we can replace some of the outdoor challenges by indoor activities, while maintaining the game concept. In other words, there is ALWAYS a plan B!

The number of hints being assigned with each challenge (1 to 5) depends on the results achieved.

If a team does not get enough clues due to meagre results, it can tap into its fictitious capital, which is assigned at the start of the game. Clues can be obtained from the game master or the other teams.

Team members exchange clues and money during the course of the game.



Balancing act

This challenge is truly out of this world! One team member, who is standing on wooden poles, has to get across a predefined zone – without touching the ground. This game calls for perfectly coordinated movements from the rest of the team.

Walk on ski’s

Team members are going for a refreshing walk, while being tied to each other on pairs of skis. To the left, to the right, … they all have to move together and at exactly the same time. Good rhythm, coordination and timing are of the essence in order to safely pass through the obstacle course.

Quadrilogic (in- and outdoor)

Imagine a deck of cards with seemingly random names, dates and words. Similarly to the ‘seven families’ game, the cards have to be associated four by four. For instance: Titanic - 1912 - steamship - shipwreck. The last four cards will reveal a valuable clue.

Hieroglyphics (in- and outdoor)

The teams have to unveil a secret message that can cost them a fortune … or make them immensely rich. Each question costs money; each identified word generates cash. Will you use your resources carefully, or invest heavily – that’s the question!


Some wooden boards, rope and a piece of strong fabric are all you need to make a hammock in no time. At least if you work together effectively and have some imagination.

Painting (in- and outdoor)

Do you have it in you to create a masterpiece? We provide the painting easel. Two artists per team position themselves in front of the easel, while the other team members are located further away. The team members, who are standing at a distance, are looking at an original painting. They have to help the artists recreate the original painting by giving verbal and non-verbal instructions. Guaranteed to cause hilarity!

Info & Prices

Download our info sheet of this concept to have a closer look into the program and the estimated prices.

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