The Domino effect

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Event Masters - Teambuilding - The Domino Effect - Stone
Event Masters - Teambuilding - The Domino Effect - Gear Accessoires - Corner
Event Masters - Teambuilding - The Domino Effect - Gear Accessoires - Coin
Event Masters - Teambuilding - The Domino Effect - Gear Accessoires - Coin
Event Masters - Teambuilding - The Domino Effect - Gear Accessoires - Coin
Event Masters - Teambuilding - The Domino Effect - Gear Accessoires - Coin
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Who will have the steadier hand? The greater ideas for creativity and innovation? Each team will be charged with creating their very own giant Domino masterpiece, each with their own intricacies and adaptations.

The first part of the activity will require teams to compete for various items that will be included in their domino structure such as light bulbs, books, balls and pins. Depending on how teams fare in these early challenges will determine how simple their final task becomes.

Once this initial competition has ceased each team will be given their dominos and all materials they have earned to build a masterpiece. The beauty of this is that every piece of the puzzle counts and if one small item should fail, then the whole thing falls apart.

The Domino Effect has a great debrief and can be pulled apart in a fun and constructive way. It has the added advantage of being able to finish with a win-win, ensuring all teams take part in the final conclusion.


The Domino effect

00:00 – 00:05  WELCOME

The Lead Facilitator will introduce the group to the wonderful world of Dominos and paint the picture for what is to come. They will be talked through the items in their box and advised that while speed is important, success will only come for those who produce a working rally!

00:05 – 00:15  PLANNING

During this stage teams will begin planning their rally. This includes testing all the items and working out the best way to use them whilst also putting together a sketch for what they want their final rally to look like.

During this process other team members will also start working on an array of challenges that actually allow teams to remove items from their rally, thus making their task simpler. These include both spics and specs style questions as well as physical domino challenges!

00:15 – 00:45  BUILDING

During this period teams will start to prototype each of their items to make sure they will work when the final rally commences. Once they are satisfied they will start to insert the items in their final rally ensuring each section flows seamlessly into the next. Those teams that have spent time and effort in looking long term will achieve greater success during this part of the process. As teams finish their rally they will ‘check in’ with the Lead Facilitator with their final position noted.

00:45 – 01:00 THE FINAL RALLY

With all teams checked in the Lead Facilitator will then take the groups round to each of the different rally’s (starting with the last team to check in) and get the teams to set off their rally. If it is successful and ticks all the set parameters including popping a balloon at the end then that team hits the lead. The winning team at the end will be the fastest team with a working rally therefore building suspense right up until the final domino drops!

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