Event Master introduces three new colleagues

26th of March, 2019

The event firm from Willebroek already had a lot of (international) experience with its World Department, but Event Master has now welcomed no less than three new colleagues. Mieke Festjens and Nel Watty will contribute to the Incentive &Travel department, while Sebastien Nolens, after extensive experience at Visit.Brussels, will start supporting the strong growth of the PCO & DMC department.

Incentive Travel Agency of the Year
Event Master had the honour of calling itself the Incentive Travel Agency of the Year in 2018. A reward for years of commitment and the strong growth of its international events. Belgian companies travel abroad for a pure incentive trip, but also for kick-off meetings or conventions. This department will now be reinforced by two new colleagues to ensure the continued success of these events. Colleague Nel Watty has more than 8 years of experience in the hotel sector at Radisson and Warwick hotels. Her positions included International Sales Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing. Nel also has previous experience as a travel agent. She has in-depth knowledge of the Incentive sector. Mieke Festjens, in turn, has a lot of experience serving as a guide in foreign countries. Her knowledge accrued in this role is a definite added value for the Incentive department at Event Masters. The position of event planner is not unfamiliar to her, since Mieke has already organised various ski trips for Skifriends. She will mainly support the B2C sector of Incentives with ski trips for families and motor bike trips for private owners of a BMW motor bike.

Significant growth for PCO
Sebastien Nolens, not an unknown name in the sector, is the new asset for the in-house PCO department. He does not only speak 4 languages, including Spanish, but has also worked as a Business Developer for Visit.Brussels. The department, managed by Jan van den Broeck, who has two decades of experience as a convention organiser, is happy with the introduction of Sebastien: “Event Masters has specialists in each field and at each department. The opportunity to work with all these specialists is a great strength. With Sebastien at our company, we have someone with extensive experience in the convention sector who will be a great help at different large conventions that are already scheduled for 2019”.

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